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About the Project

Platteview Road is an east-west, continuous corridor located in the southern part of the Omaha metro area, crossing most of Sarpy County. The corridor extends from US-75 in Bellevue to Highway 31, just south of the I-80 interchange.

Today, Platteview Road is a two-lane, rural route that serves 4,200 a day. This low-volume route currently provides an alternative to Highway 370, located four miles north, for travel across southern Sarpy County.

But it’s going to become busier.

The Metropolitan Area Planning Agency (MAPA), in conjunction with Sarpy County, identified Platteview Road for a corridor study because of the relocation of U.S. Highway 34, which included a new Missouri River bridge crossing. These elements created a direct connection from I-29 to Platteview Road, and opened up a new east-west connection between I-29 and I-80 in the southern portion of the Omaha metropolitan region.

MAPA initiated a multiphase study to analyze transportation and land use options for the corridor. The study, which is currently underway, will also examine potential future growth trends that could lead to increased development in the area served by Platteview Road.

Consultants have completed Phase I of the study, which identified more immediate, short-term projects for the corridor. They are now finishing Phase II, which will determine the feasible, longer-term alternatives for the corridor.

You can view the final draft report (85 meg) here.